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To pull yourself ahead and simultaneously move with a slow flight through the chest where our tender hands still keep us alive (2019)

140 x 97 cm 

Innova Photo Cotton paper with white glazed birch frame

Edition 3 + 1 ap 


In photographic stories I often combine symbolism, fiction with contemporary observations and needs. In this work, I was interested in creating a photographic work that shows the human effort to have anchorage and feel belonging to a place and a home. I built a large-scale scenography outdoors that was 9 meters long and 3.30 meters high in Öbacka, Umeå.


In the work process, I mixed my own color pigment and worked to create the illusion of a home from scratch. The scenography would be at the center of the story, where man, home and landscape would unite. These three elements are always at the center when questions about transformations in society with the development of urban urban environments, industries and climate issues.


We humans are at the center of decisions about our own future but also before adopting new places to call home. In the work, man stands surrounded by nature and tries to move but at the same time is anchored with the comfort of home.

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