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Peter Stridsberg born 1994 in Gothenburg. 

Lives and work in Umeå, Sweden. He received his master’s

degree at the Art Academy at Umeå University in 2019. 


Peter Stridsberg develops his research predominantly through the medium of photography, sculpture and installations. With his practice he explores and expands the borderland between personal dimension, nature and stage photograph. He reflects on our own notions of what is expected of a landscape or scenery but also what is experienced or interpreted in our storytelling culture today.


Storytelling tradition is deeply rooted in our cultural world today, and he has long been fascinated by how its positioning and values have been the basis for our approach to depicting nature motifs that are passed on. The positioning towards nature where industrialism and religion have shaped and shaped our perception of its actual function and relationship to us and our origins.

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peter_stridsberg-2 kopiera_edited.jpg

Photo: Anna Berglund / Nordic Watercolor Museum

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