Peter Stridsberg born 1994 in Gothenburg.

Lives and work in Umeå, Sweden. He received his master’s

degree at the Art Academy at Umeå University in 2019. 


As a visual artist, I work with examining our relationship to meeting changes in nature and our surroundings. With photographic work, I am interested in examining and exploring the human relationship to changes and how they are seen in our immediate environment. I use both the image and the scene as a method to portray stories about places' changes.


In my process, I combine transformation and the significance of change to make visible impressions and reflections from our time but also our history. Over the years, my method has been to recreate stories from my world around me that exist between these worlds. Both scenographically and documentary, I depict perspectives where people stand and try to control the change of home or the nearby nature.

Peter Stridsberg 

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Photo: Anna Berglund / Nordic Watercolor Museum