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Public Art / Public Commissions

- I am looking for contexts where my art can exist in various public  spaces around society both in Sweden but also in other places. It can be in new buildings, parks or other interesting places that interest me to contribute to new readings and new perspectives.


Below you can take a look at some of the proposals I have submitted for public works.

Please email me for more detailed information about the different projects.

Modell-3 kopiera-1.jpg

Title: Grönskans trädgård vi kallade för vår (2023) 

Sketch assignment: Solhaga nursing home 

Location: One corridor, entrance to nursing home

Sketch Period: November - December 2023

In my artistic design proposal for a nursing home, Solhaga in Sundsvall, I chose to produce a design that takes in the surrounding nature and landscape for a warm and open experience at the department's entrance. In my artistic work, the concept was based on working with colors and form to create an expression that stimulates the people who live in the accommodation and can also contribute to a sense of calm. By using nature as a theme at the site, I wanted to give a calming, recognizable and safe impression to staff and visitors as well.


In the design, I started from an imaginative expression where shapes and appearances from the plant kingdom are allowed to harmonize. The idea was to create visual worlds that, with the help of leaves and flowers in different shapes and where textures and colors are emphasized in a stimulating way.

With inspiration from the plants' structures and leaves, I wanted to create different wooden frames that were taken from the plants' asymmetrical and varying life forms. The asymmetrical wooden shapes would give an airy feel and soften the surrounding wall surfaces in the otherwise cramped corridor.


On the asymmetrical wooden frames I would stretch my own textile weaves that I would produce together with a Swedish linen weaving company. The textile weaves would be based on photographic templates and create different color compositions with plants. The idea is to create motifs that are associated with plants found in our homes, gardens and could also be linked to the residents' various natural memories. With the natural materials of the weavers, the idea was to give a cozy feeling where color-balanced expressions and motifs were open, accessible and provided greenery all year round for the residents and staff regardless of the season outside.


Title: Fönstret mot vägen vid sjön (2023)

Sketch assignment: Hagavik School, grades 7-9, Växjö

Location: Three corridors on different floors in the school

Sketch Period: May - September 2023

In my artistic proposal, I chose to work based on the school's focus on nature and technology. Where I investigated places in nature near Hagavik School and with the help of modern technology mapped the surroundings to inspire new perspectives and spread knowledge of the local environment in a new way. The geographical was explored through contemporary site surveys with perspectives above the treetops.


I wanted to lift the surroundings in an experiential way where the photographic medium together with newer technology would lift the place for the students in a new perspective. With drones I photographed the landscape and with digital technology that reconstructed a short-wave infrared radiation. The technology of IR technology is commonly used in night vision equipment and as an image intensifier when there is not enough visible light to see an object. The technology converted the green colors in the landscape to red and we can then see what the infrared field indicates as living organisms on the site.


The works were intended to function as fictitious windows directed towards the surroundings where roads and paths meet in the different perspectives. The austere architecture in the corridor consisted of raw concrete walls which, with the help of the works, were to be opened up with various fictitious views, highlighting an open and accessible way of seeing nature in the immediate environment. The light boxes could also emit light from within, which also makes it easier to see the surroundings where new details are highlighted each time.

IMG_20230818_112101291 kopiera.jpg

Title: Dygnet runt tillgänglig för andrum (2023)

Sketch assignment: Mälarsjukhuset, Eskilstuna

Location: Courtyard on the hospital grounds

Sketch Period: May - September 2023

In my sketch proposal for Mälarsjukhuset, Eskilstuna, I have worked to create a calming impression with local anchorings to the place and which cooperates with the surrounding architecture. I worked with Sörmland's landscape tree the larch in my art proposal and used different materials and techniques to create a harmonious and functional design.


It was also important to me to create a design that stands for safety and openness with an accessible expression for everyone who passes the place. A tree trunk with sculpted branches in bronze "grows" along the trunk and stretches up towards the daylight in the courtyard. The glass fixtures are blown by hand, creating a unified aesthetic expression together with the branches.

Glassblowing was done in close collaboration by glassartist Eva Juneblad and assistant help from Rebecca Sharp

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