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Selected exhibitions

- Below is a selection of previous exhibitions.

The documentation can be downloaded as pdf.

For more questions about the exhibitions, please email me.

Video Documentation from solo exhibition in Lidköpings konsthall 2023

2 December 2023  - 13 January 2024

Solo exhibition
Nässjö Konsthall, Nässjö


In my exhibition at Nässjö Konsthall, a content-rich odyssey takes place where I present works that span the last three years of my artistry. The works in different materials and media will share space with the latest work Tidvatten, the work that I recently recorded a few weeks ago during an early morning at the eastern foot of the Atlantic.


Collective gaze at the heavenly spirit is as much a poetic, as an investigative exhibition that depicts encounters with the landscapes in our surroundings and stories about them. The movement, the search and the reminder of something greater beyond our own province.


More images from the exhibition here

IMG_20231201_182005994 kopiera.jpg

14 September 2023  - 11 November 2023

In the exhibition "A glance and a landscape pass outside the fragile hasp of the window frame". In Peter Stridsberg's quiet artistry, there is a calmness that encourages reflection.


"I see my visual world as different windows that allow me to get closer to the person and the story of the landscape. The exhibition is based on my artistry, where over the years I have explored the limits of architecture and the relationship to the landscape and the place with photographic scenes and scenographies."

More images from the show here

Solo exhibition
Härnösands Konsthall, Härnösand


4 November 2022  - 2 April 2023

Group exhibition,
Museo Nazionale della Montagna
Torino, Italy 

I was invited to present an installation at the exhibition The mountain touch, Italy.


The Mountain Touch exhibition, curated by Andrea Lerda, continues Museomontagna's Sustainability Program, launched in 2018. The exhibition presents the works of 14 Italian and international artists in dialogue with a scientific narrative curated by Federica Zabini and Francesco Meneguzzo, researchers at the Institute for BioEconomy of the National Research Council, which for years has been conducting the largest-ever experimental campaign on the effects of forest therapy and immersion in green environments together with the Italian Alpine Club and the Reference Center for Phytotherapy at the Aou Careggi in Florence.

More information about my installation and texts from the show here


Installation view of the work exhibited in the exhibition The Mountain Touch, curated by Andrea Lerda at Museomontagna, Turin 2022. Photo: Mariano Dallago.

14 January  - 25 February 2023

In my work with the exhibition Our Scenery, I have delved into our relationship to the concept and meaning of landscape. In recent years, in my artistry, I have worked with how the border between the personal dimension, nature and scenography can tell about our ideas about what we expect from a landscape but also how it is experienced or interpreted in our everyday life and storytelling tradition.

The positioning towards nature has been characterized by industrialism, religion and recent years the individualism that shaped our perception of changing values and the actual function of the landscape in our lives.

See more images from the show here

Solo exhibition,
Lidköpings Konsthall, Lidköping



All photos by Daniel Strandroth

26 October 2022 - 2 January 2023

Solo exhibition,
Stockholm School of Economics


In the photo series Forecast Diaries, exhibited at SSE during 26 October - 2 January, we see the artist Peter Stridsberg standing in a rocky landscape with his back to the viewer, contemplating what´s in front of him. 

The seven photographs in the series, taken during one week in August 2021) are accompanied by weather forecasts for each day – a way of predicting the future – from SMHI (the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute). The forecasts are for the specific site where the photos are taken: the island Tjörn on the Swedish west coast. Forecasts are read on the Swedish radio every day and while they are important information for many people, others hear them almost as poetry.

More information about show here

IMG_20221027_133937 kopiera.jpg

2 July - 28 August 2022

Solo exhibition, Klippan Konsthall,
Klippan, Sweden

Peter Stridsberg’s art universe having a dialogue with Maria Friberg’s video universe.  “Forecast” stands in the centre for climate issues. Individual challenges are shown in this exhibition. The artist methodology consists of creating scenes and approaches facing our surroundings - the surroundings where change holds a central role in meeting our time using new perspectives. Stridsberg solo exhibition shows different impressions using materials such as bronze sculptures, photographs and there Friberg leaves a video footage as a comument on Peter works.

More images is from show here

DSC02871 kopiera.jpg

4 June - 18 September 2022

Duo exhibition, Umeå Konsthall,
Umeå, Sweden

Maria Friberg and Peter Stridsberg are two artists from different generations. They work with photographic scenes that depict the transition between man and nature. In the exhibition Blicka, we get to experience their work in dialogue with each other for the first time. Their art meets in the borderland between different environments and places. The individual's belonging is at the center of questions about the climate and the individual's existence. The artists see the photograph as a picture of ongoing events where reality is constantly changing.

More images from the show here

View the exhibtion here in digital 3D 

DSC02471 kopiera.jpg

14 January - 15 February 2022

Solo exhibition, Kumla Konsthall,
Kumla, Sweden

As a visual artist, I work to approach and examine our relationship to meet changes in nature and uncontrolled forces. How do we stand in front of and towards the transformation of the place, nature and our immediate environment. Can we understand and understand the regrowth of nature in a lost landscape where we control the image and reading of the place and the environment? 


The exhibition revolves around how we approach nature in change and landscapes that are constantly created before our eyes.

More images from the show here 

DSC01162 kopiera.jpg

3 June - 13 August 2021

Solo exhibition, Reykjavik Museum Of Photography, Iceland

 “Through my work, I seek to understand my roots and belonging by exploring places connected to my family history and the romantic memory I have of the locations I use in my imagery. I seek to answer that which lies behind a sentimental gaze and its effect on the storytelling."

Peter Stridsberg 01.jpg

29 June - 13 July 2021

Group exhibition, Bendana Pinel Art Contemporain, Paris, France

Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain is pleased to present "The Light of the North", a collective exhibition dedicated to Swedish artists, on the occasion of KONSTellation, a contemporary art tour in the Marais organized by the Swedish Institute to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Work by emerging or confirmed artists, photography or painting, the works on offer testify to the richness of the Swedish art scene. Maria Friberg, Thomas Broomé and Peter Stridsberg translate their admiration for light, natural, artificial or pictorial, in productions that poetically address the themes of man and nature.


 7 November 2020 - 20 January 2021

Solo exhibition, Rotundan Kalmar, Sweden

 The temporary feeling of being in front of the camera and the moment we shared together and the family picture as the preservation of a certain time in our lives. At the same time, immortalize something for the future. The work consists of three separate parts is a time document of an event that has shaped me in many ways.

Exhibition review in Swedish

Affisch-PeterStridsberg-1-2 kopiera.jpg

7 November - 31 December 2020

Group exhibition, Bendana Pinel Art Contemporain, Paris, France

A group exhibition exclusively dedicated to photography. In a way of pursuing the spirit of Paris Photo in this unprecedented context, the gallery presents an eclectic gathering of works carried out by artists with singular practices. Embodying the vast array of themes and artistic origins within the gallery, the exhibition intends to be a symbol of this multicultural medium.


16 May - 5 June 2020

Solo exhibtion, Mimers Konsthall, Kungälv, Sweden

In recent years, Peter Stridsberg has worked to build and take an interest in large-scale scenery within the arranged photography. Using photography as a means of expression, he has focused on depicting how the home makes the human condition visible in spatial environments. In the exhibition "With photographic scenes and processes" in Mimers Konsthall, he will introduce new ways of how the fictional and scenic image can provide new perspectives on the role of the home in our lives.


6 March - 30 March 2020

Solo exhibition, Galleri Alva, Umeå, Sweden 

Peter Stridsberg investigates how plants can become intangibly negative over human memories from nature. With his imprints of plants, he preserves the collection of memories from nature, but what is a memory of nature? The works represent dried plants whose memory is now reflected back on man.

Exhibition review in Swedish


6 October - 17 November 2019

Solo exhibition, Gallery Gerlesborg Hamburgsund, Sweden

Peter Stridsberg has spent four weeks as a guest resident artist at Gerlesborgsskolan in Bohuslän. In an exhibition in Galleri Gerlesborg and a lecture in connection with the opening on October 16, he will talk about his art and work process during the residency period. The residency is a result of what the Open Call school announced earlier this summer.


3 May - 19 May 2019

MFA Degree show
Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden 

In stories, the word meanwhile [meanwhile] takes us to an event that takes place in parallel but in a different place than the one where the main story takes place. We are moved to this second place and know that what is going to happen there will affect how the story develops. Meanwhile is a signal to increase our attention. What is now being told will matter. The Academy's master's exhibition is the final exhibition in two years of intensive discussions, research and work.

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