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The window facing the road by the lake (2023)

Photographs on cotton paper and oak frames

The work is part of a photographic series where I have worked with different places in nature together with modern technology. I chose to make a survey of the landscape's topography that was given motif worlds to be able to make visible larger geographical areas where the landscape is in focus without a horizon perspective. The views refers to and is based on our curiosity to have windows directed towards nature and our surroundings, which has throughout history been an important marker to know where we are but also for us to familiarize ourselves with our assets and resources outside our home environment in nature.


I chose to work with drones where I have photographed and imaged the landscape with digital technology that reconstructs a short-wave infrared radiation. IR technology is commonly used in night vision equipment, such as image intensifiers and primarily in thermal imaging cameras, where there is not enough visible light to see an object. The technique converts the green colors of the landscape into red and the white colors which are designated as lifeless. In today's modern agriculture, the technology is regularly used to more easily map larger areas in a clear way. With the infrared color, we can then read what the status is for the vegetation, which makes it easier to keep track of the crop's plant status.

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