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I will carry the landscape to you when I catch it in my arms. #1-3 (2022)

24 x 45 cm 

Innova Photo Cotton paper with black glazed birch frame

In this photographic work, I wanted to make visible and examine our role as nature tourists when we are faced with a new and foreign landscape. We humans stand and write poetry and portray ourselves in front of the magnificent nature, where the observation and image of the landscape becomes a memory of the experience. We take the picture with our mobile phone and then go around for new pictures. But what happens when our experiences from nature consist of collecting pictures in an album that is never opened? What do we miss when we avoid facing the landscape without filters, phones and cameras?


Will our story about the place be rewritten and what happens to our ability to understand the origins of the place? Or will it disappear completely because time was spent chasing the next image?

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