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In a slow glare from the horizon ́s speckled cheek (2019)

135 x 100 cm

Innova Photo Cotton paper with white glazed birch frame

Edition 3 + 1 ap 

In this artistic work, I built a scenography that would imitate a private space in the home where nature and the surroundings are highly present. It was during my Artist in residence at Gerelsborgskolan in Bohuslän that I became curious about how the place and the surroundings are reflected in our experience when we are faced with creating our own home and places in nature.


By placing the three windows centrally on the almost four meter long wall in the middle of the motifs, I want to emphasize the boundaries of the home and invite the foreign nature and landscape. The scenography would create a scaled feeling where a fictional and constructed reality would meet. These opposites are also the common denominators when we find ourselves in a new place or environment when we try to find ourselves in relation to the place. At the same time, we are faced with new places where the view towards or from nature is always beside us.


By building the scenography outdoors and lighting the subject with the morning light on the spot, I started from making visible spaces that show this shift between one's own constructed reality in homes where the unclear and foreign is outside. This motif evokes a meeting that we see as staged and fictitious but where the components are to a great extent taken from our existence.

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