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Current news and projects  ​

2 Oktober 2023 
An Interview published

A beautiful and long conversation with Katarina Östholm from the newspaper Ångermalad regarding my current exhibition was published this weekend.

Click on the image to be able to read the text more easily.

The text can also be read at the link below:

Skärmavbild 2023-09-24 kl. 16.35.39.png

24 September 2023 
A review about the current exhibition

I am delighted to share this excellent and well-written review of my current exhibition. The text is written by Diana Berntsdotter Vallgren and can be read at the link below!

DSC05008 kopiera.jpg

I am completely overwhelmed by all the great response, curiosity and interest in connection with Thursday's opening of my new exhibition at Härnösand's art gallery. Never seen people queuing and waiting outside an opening of a vernissage like this before.


Very happy and grateful to receive such a nice reception in a new city and this beautifully located art gallery. As you can see, I didn't have time to take many pictures from the opening, but there will be filmed material shortly where I give a presentation of the exhibition and also tell the background to it.

​The exhibition follows the Konsthallen regular opening hours and runs until November 11. 

19 September 2023 
- What a fantastic opening!


31 August 2023 
Soloexhibition at Härnösands konsthall

It's the end of August and September is approaching on the calendar. It feels good to be able to once again welcome you to one of my exhibitions.The work with exhibitions gives me the opportunity to ponder and reflect on what has been going on in our swarming world.


A warm welcome to the exhibition A glance and a landscape passes outside the fragile hasp of the window frame with opening and artist talk on Thursday, September 14 at 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.


The exhibition runs until November 11 and follows the art gallery's normal opening hours. Guided tours will also take place in connection with the exhibition. More info about the show is on the link

IMG_20230818_112010244 kopiera.jpg

21 August 2023
New experiences and materials

A really fun and successful working day after months of thoughts, ideas and planning. It is a blessing to have access to so much knowledge and expertise in new areas close to where you live. Unfortunately I can't say much about today's work as it is under secrecy but one thing I can say is that I am looking forward to the coming weeks as I will continue with this project where I look forward to putting all the pieces together. Soon the goal is close!

IMG_20230708_163651 kopiera.jpg

7 August 2023
New works in process published

The installation from my ongoing work Scenery #1-2 is now available to share and read more about under the category Installations 

More news and upcoming projects coming soon.

IMG_20230708_174646 kopiera.jpg

19 July 2023
Two new sculptures 

During the last week I have been working on producing my new works for one of my exhibitions later this autumn. With the help of the sculptures were built up and placed in various places in the forests of Bohuslän. The works are part of a new larger suite that I will continue with for a longer period in the future. More info and the background to the sculptures will be available here on the website shortly.


29 June 2023 
Work continues during the summer

Summer is finally here, but work continues in full swing ahead of the autumn's various exhibitions and projects. Right now I am working on preliminary studies for new works that I will build up in the coming weeks on the west coast of Sweden. It feels really good to soon build new works again despite the heat. The works are a new branch of my artistry that I will present in the future. The preliminary studies and sketches on unprimed linen canvas and pastel.

IMG_20230525_145136_1 kopiera.jpg

25 May 2023 
Received this year's scholarship

It was very flattering and I am grateful to receive one of this year's Umeå municipality's scholarships today. Thank you again for wanting to contribute to my development and my future projects that await!


4 May 2023 
Very happy about this great news 

It feels incredibly honored to be both nominated and appointed as this year's cultural grantee by the municipality of Umeå for my work. A humble thank you to those of you who nominated me and the kind words. The nomination can be read at the link below.


16 April 2023 
Nature as a place and symbol of recovery

Now you can read texts and see a video documentation about my site-specific work that was presented in the show Torino, Italy.

In the work I explored the borderland between the personal dimension and nature  as a function and place for recovery in

an urban city environment. Read more about the work there


13 April 2023 
The spring is coming and running 

The schedule is full and a lot of work awaits in the future both with exhibitions, assignments and projects. Then it can be quite nice to just sit in peace and make a model for one of the autumn exhibitions. Slowly and slowly settling into new challenges that await at a comfortable distance.

IMG_20230314_110710 kopiera.jpg

16 Mars 2023 
Archive research for new works

It is always just as exciting to go through photographic collections and archival material. The material will form the basis of my new works that I will produce during the spring. It is truly a favor to be so close to such a great image treasure and new knowledge from the people at Västerbottens museum.


18 February 2023 
Documentation from the current exhibition, Lidköpings Konsthall

Now a documentation from the exhibition in Lidköpings Konsthall has been uploaded and it is also possible to see the exhibition digitally.

More pictures and documentation can be found here

All photos by Daniel Strandroth

15 January 2023
The new exhibition is open

Many thanks to all of you who came yesterday to the opening. I am still completely overwhelmed by all the nice comments and words of encouragement! It means a lot to me personally to present this exhibition that shows a large part of my artistry with various projects and works that I have devoted myself to in recent years.


It feels fantastic to show this in this exhibition Our Scenery at Lidköping's art gallery in their beautiful premises. The exhibition runs until February 25 and follows the art gallery's regular opening hours. Warm welcome!

5 January 2023
Solo exhibition, Lidköpings konsthall 

I have the great pleasure of inviting you to my solo exhibition at Lidköping's art gallery, which opens on Saturday, January 14.


This is by far my biggest exhibition to date. It feels exciting to show my various projects and works that span several media and years.


In my work with the exhibition "Our Scenery", I have delved into our relationship to the concept and meaning of landscape.

In recent years, in my artistry, I have worked with how the border between the personal dimension, nature and scenography can tell about our ideas about what we expect from a landscape but also how it is experienced or interpreted in our everyday life and storytelling tradition.


The exhibition runs until February 25 and follows the art gallery's regular opening hours.

A warm welcome to Lidköping Konsthall!

Schermata-2022-12-15-alle-17.32.51-1320x685 kopiera.jpg

18 December 2022
Research at children's hospital in Torino, Italy 

Last week I received a beautiful message that there was an exciting workshop on the theme of mountain care rooms at the Regina Margherita Children's Hospital in Turin, Italy. The activity was based on my work which is currently exhibited in the exhibition The Mountain Touch at the Museo Nazionale della Montagna.


It feels great that the workshop focuses on developing a dialogue between natural elements and my artwork in this context, which was based on the theme of care and isolation. This initiative is based on young patients who are involved and were allowed to work with sensory activities with natural materials and examine the artists' techniques. This project is intended as a basis for research, with a particular focus on the concept of well-being. Which of course feels very honored that my works can be part of this context and at the same time can be significant for people in other places.

IMG_20221208_101725 kopiera.jpg

12 December 2022
New plans for 2023 

Now the schedule for almost 2023 is ready. It feels extra nice to go on Christmas leave and gather strength for all the exhibitions that awaits 2023. I always try to have exhibitions to work towards because I think it's easier to work towards set deadlines and at the same time which makes it possible to show new works.

IMG-20220915-WA0006 kopiera.jpg

10 December 2022
Exhibitions work 

10 December 2022
Exhibitions work 

I am currently working full-time on the preparations for my upcoming solo exhibition at Lidköping konsthall, which opens in January. It feels really good to be able to show this exhibition that I have worked on for a long time.


24 November 2022
Research for upcoming installation 

In my upcoming exhibition I will present a new work which is an installation with linen fabric. I have been working on creating a pattern with leaves from the Ornäsbjörk. It is a Swedish tree that was found in the middle of the 18th century, which is deeply rooted in our urban city and park environments today and is Sweden's national tree. The species can only survive with the help of man. Here is an extract from a Norwegian plant book from the late 19th century where the original tree is shown for the first time.

Page taken from Norges Væxtrige : et Bidrag til Nord-Europas Natur- og Culturhistorie. Bd. 1, H. 2, of Schübeler, F.C. 1886

11 November 2022
Group exhibition, Torino, Italy  


Photo: Andrea Lerda

The Mountain Touch exhibition, curated by Andrea Lerda, continues Museomontagna’s Sustainability Program, launched in 2018. The exhibition presents the works of 14 Italian and international artists in dialogue with a scientific narrative curated by Federica Zabini and Francesco Meneguzzo, researchers at the Institute for BioEconomy of the National Research Council, which for years has been conducting the largest-ever experimental campaign on the effects of forest therapy and immersion in green environments together with the Italian Alpine Club and the Reference Center for Phytotherapy at the Aou Careggi in Florence.


I am very proud of the warm reception that people have expressed about my installation in this ongoing exhibition that opened last week. I will shortly update site with more installation images and text about my site-specific work the is presented in the exhibition which runs until April 2, 2023.


Read more about the exhibition the exhibition catalogue

IMG_20221027_133938 kopiera.jpg

28 October 2022
Soloexhibition, School of Economics  

I am very happy about the nice hanging that was made at the School of Economics, the motifs from Forecast Diaries and how the frames blend so well into the space, I think it feels so obvious. It feels honored to let the entire suite of "Forecast Diaries" adorn their walls in front of the students and employees but also for visitors from outside.


The exhibition can be seen throughout the autumn on weekdays between 9am and 4pm. Welcome to enjoy at Sveavägen 65, Stockholm.

More information about the exhibitions here 

1666886481045 kopiera.jpg

27 October 2022
Lecture, Stockholm School of Economics

Thank you very much to everyone who attended my lunchlecture today at the Stockholm School of Economics. It was fantastic fun to introduce and tell you about my artistry for you.

More images from the lecture here 

Photo: Tinni Ernsjöö Rappe

Mountain Touch with artist list.jpg

16 October 2022
Fantastic exhibition I am part of

I'm happy to finally share the news that I'm participating in a great group exhibition opening in November at the Museo Nazionale della Montagna in Turin, Italy. I will show a completely new and site-specific work that I have been working on for the past few months in close collaboration with the curator Andrea Lerda. It feels very flattering to be part of a fine production where art and science together with the latest research bear witness to man's need for nature, where it is discussed and made visible in a new light.


The exhibition "The Mountain touch" runs between November 4, 2022 - April 2, 2023. More information about the exhibition can be found at the link below.

1o October 2022
Solo exhibition in Stockholm 


Welcome to exhibition and art talk with Peter Stridsberg who will be presenting his series (photographs) Forecast Diaries 1 - 7 (2021) at Stockholm School of Economics with opening  26 October until the middle of December 2022.

The geographical locations where Peter Stridsberg temporarily finds himself, have been the source of inspiration in how we position ourselves in the outside world. During his residency at Nordiska Akvarellmuseet in Bohuslän in Sweden, he developed the project Forecast Diaries, where he explored how we are confronted with changes in uncertain times. With the help of recorded weather reports that describes the weather on the sea between Kattegatt and Skagerrak, he positions himself in front of the changes taking place in nature around him.

More information is available at the link below

8 September 2022
New group exhibition 


I am participating in a beautiful photo exhibition at Dunkers Kultuhus in Helsingborg. In 2012, the first photography class began at Fotoskolan Munka. Now, 10 years later, we are celebrating with an anniversary exhibition and have invited former students and teachers to show self-portraits.

One aspect of going to school is sharing a context with others for a while. Work side by side or together, before separating again. Some people will remain, in memory or in real life. You meet others now and then, but then no more. Regardless, these meetings leave an impression. The exhibition runs on October 9 2022.

Read about the exhibition here

IMG_20220908_114421 kopiera.jpg

 7 September 2022
Looking forward to this exhibition

At the beginning of next year I will have my biggest solo exhibition so far. It feels really counterintuitive to sit in the autumn darkness and work on this exhibition with new and older works side by side.

More information about the great exhibitions is coming during the autumn.


25 August 2022
See the exhibition together with me

A warm welcome to listen to one of the two artists behind the exhibition "Blicka" in Umeå art gallery. Take the opportunity to ask questions directly to me and get an insight into how artists from two different generations and work with photographic scenes that depict the transition between man and nature. The show will be based on the joint exhibition "Blicka" at Umeå Konsthall, where for the first time we will experience their works in close dialogue with each other. The artist show is free of charge and no registration is required.

Date: Thursday 25 August 2022

Time: 18.00–19.00

Location: Umeå art gallery, floor 3 in Väven,Umeå


20 August 2022
Documentation from the current exhibition, Klippans Konsthall

Now documentation from the exhibition in Klippans Konsthall has been uploaded and it is also possible to see the exhibition digitally.

More pictures and documentation can be found here.

DSC03504 kopiera.jpg

17 August 2022
Stockholm adventures

A fun and intense work week in Stockholm filled with both work on new works and replenishment of new inspiration for the autumn works and projects that I look forward to finally being able to start up in the north Sweden soon.

received_1515432252208613 kopiera.jpg

13 August 2022
Talk with Anna Nordqvist Andersson

A nice conversation in Klippan's Konsthall with Anna Nordqvist Andersson. A conversation that was about my view of country painting and how it marked and shaped my artistry. But also of course about my methods that I use in my various projects. It was really fun to have this conversation together with Anna Nordqvist Andersson.


Read about Anna's background and see her works is on this link

Photo: Lotta Andgren


11 August 2022
Artist talk in Klippans Konsthall

I have the great pleasure to inform you about two upcoming program items that will take place in connection with the exhibition Prognos, which is currently taking place in Klippan's Konsthall during the summer. On Saturday 13 August at approx. 2 - 3.30 pm there will be a conversation about contemporary Swedish photography with Peter Stridsberg and Maria Friberg. The conversation leader for the conversation is artist Anna Nordquist Andersson.

DSC02471 kopiera.jpg

10 July 2022
Documentation from the current exhibition, Umeå Konsthall

Now documentation from the exhibition in Umeå Konsthall has been uploaded and it is also possible to see the exhibition digitally.

More pictures and documentation can be found here.

30 June 2022
Exhibition, Klippan Konsthall

Today I have started with the preparations for this summer's

second big exhibition which will take place throughout the summer. The exhibition Forecast at Klippans konsthall with inauguration this Saturday, July 2, between 15:00 - 18:00.

PeterStridsberg-MariaFribergSommarutställning-2022 kopiera.jpg

27 June 2022
New exhibition in Klippan

To my delight, I have the opportunity to invite you to this summer's second vernissage for me.On Saturday 2 July between 15: 00-18: 00, the exhibition Prognos opens and is inaugurated in Klippan's Konsthall, Klippan, Sweden.


In the exhibition Prognos, we get to experience Peter Stridsberg's art for the first time in close dialogue with Maria Friberg's monumental video work. Their art meets in the borderland between different environments and places. The forecast is at the center of questions about the climate where the individual's challenges of change are displayed in Klippans Konsthall. The works show different expressions and materials with bronze sculpture, photography and moving images.


The exhibition runs until 28 August 2022

Read about the exhibition here  

affisch-blicka kopiera.jpg

28 May 2022
New exhibition in Umeå Konsthall

To my delight, I have the opportunity to invite you to this summer large exhibition on Saturday 4 June, opening and vernissage at

13: 00-15: 00 to the exhibition Blicka på Umeå konsthall, Sweden


I exhibit my latest photographic work together with Maria Friberg.

For the past two years, I have worked for this large exhibition where I have investigated how scenes can testify to changes and forecasts that we face in our immediate environment and in nature. And about our relationship to daring to face change in our time.


The exhibition runs until 18 September

Read about the exhibition here  


6 May 2022
New adventures on Iceland

I have had the pleasure of spending time to developing new works on different places and surroundings on Iceland last week. More material from the trip will appear on the website in the near future. The trip was possible with support from the Swedish Artists' Committee.


23 April 2022
A Public Commission to Norrköping

Public commission in progress. Maria Friberg and I work with the art of walking and cycling tunnel at Borgsmoskolan in Klockaretorpet, Norrköping. The project is curated by Norrköpings Konstmuseum. The project will be completed by autumn 2022.

Photo: Tedd Soost 


21 April 2022
New bronze sculptures 

Right now I am working on this summer's two exhibitions. In one of the exhibitions, I will, among other things, present six new bronze sculptures, which I am currently preparing.

Look forward and welcome to both openings in June and July.

See the bronze sculptures here, More information about the

exhibitions will be coming soon.

IMG_20220309_110530 kopiera.jpg

9 March 2022
Planning an autumn exhibition

Today, my trip to Stockholm ended with starting my planning for my solo exhibition that I will have at the Stockholm School of Economics. It feels really fun and exciting to be invited to present my art and show my works in their beautiful premises this autumn.

IMG_20220308_134837 kopiera.jpg

8 March 2022
Field studies, Stockholm Archipelago

Today I have sketched and looked for new places and landscapes for my upcoming work that will be photographed and filmed in the Stockholm Archipelago.


16 January 2022
My first exhibtion for 2022

I´m very happy and proud to present my new photographic works on my soloexhibition The new landscape at Kumla Arthall, Kumla, Sweden. Read more here 

peter_stridsberg-2 kopiera.jpg

9 Oktober 2021

Interview, Nordic Watercolor Museum

A little more than a month ago, I had the great honor of being one of this year's scholarship recipient at the Nordic Watercolor Museum in, Bohuslän Sweden. During the period I was interviewed by the museum and it is now available to read on their website.  Read the interview

Photo: Anna Berglund / Nordic Watercolor Museum

IMG_20210818_091155 kopiera.jpg

20 Augusti 2021

Nordic Watercolor museum, AIR

The process behind my new series Forecast Diaries  which was photographed during my artistic residency at the Nordic Watercolor Museum, Skärhamn Sweden during this month. 

Skärmavbild 2021-09-20 kl. 11.11 kopiera.jpg

6 June 2021

Artist talk about my current exhibition at the Reykjavik Museum of Photography, Iceland 

Presentation of my exhibition The border between nature and the scene 

3 June - 13 August 2021 at Reykjavik Museum of Photography, Iceland. See the video here 

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